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Lavender Lemon Scones

{Food Memories}

Lavender lemon Scones close up with yellow flower photo P1020760_zps0474eca8.jpg

You and I probably don’t think of the same thing when we hear the word ”scone.” The American version is typically a triangle-shaped sweet cookie, while the New Zealand scone bears more resemblance to a Southern-style biscuit: It’s tender and flaky, it can be sweet or savoury, and it never lasts more than a day.

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Lemon-Honey-Ginger Drink

Some mornings, you wake up feeling like this:

Grumpy morning Lucy

(Lucy was having a morning.)

I woke up with a horrendous head cold, enough to make me call out of work for the first time in years. It seems to be a trend with nearly everyone, this season. Continue reading