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Pastina + big news!

{Two Ingredient Tuesday}

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Today we’re going to make pastina, or as my bolognese host mother Adele called it, stelline (“tiny stars”). Modern Italians don’t always have time for the languid multi-course dinners of the old days, but Adele always made sure that the evening meal was separated into the distinct courses of primo (pasta or starch), secondo (meat), contorni (sides), and a little sweet treat or an end of cheese for the dolce, always with a clean plate in between courses, despite her dishwasher that was about the size of an American toaster. Stelline was one of her go-to dishes for the starch course: quick and easy, warm, comforting, familiar. Continue reading

Hungarian Chicken Heart Stew

Photo (c) Catherine McClelland - Hungarian chicken heart gizzard stew in bowl

I could have posted something spooky-adorable for Halloween, but instead I offer something more…visceral. The weather is turning colder, our thoughts are turning away from salads and ice cream to warmer meals. This stew happens to fit the theme of the day, but it’s not a holiday gimmick–it’s genuinely delicious. I cook it from October until the geese fly home in the spring. Continue reading

Spice and Fire Broth

Once you get past the polar vortexes, outbreaks of norovirus, black ice, triple layers of thermal socks, puffy unflattering winter clothes, snow-shovelling-induced backaches, toddlers determined to share their microbes with everyone, and oh-my-goodness-that’s-what-34-degrees-below-freezing-feels-like, winter is really quite a pleasant season.

Especially because of soup!

1.31.14 - Spice and Fire Ingredients photo P1020155_zps63b00e87.jpg

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