About “Thursday Tea”

Welcome to Thursday Tea!

Who I am:
If you ask my family in New Zealand, I’m the American. My American friends say I’m the Kiwi. They all agree, though, that I love food more than just about anyone they know. I’ve picked up my cooking style as I’ve gone, from all sorts of places. The best food always comes with a story.

My food:
I cook in a sunny kitchen in upstate New York. I cook from my childhood, and I love the cuisines of Italy, France, the Middle East, and America, but what’s most intoxicating to me is seeing another person bite into something I’ve made, whatever it is, and seeing that look of delight.

Getting around the blog:
If you’re following me chronologically, I generally cook according to the season. If you’re looking for inspiration, I tag and organise my recipes primarily by season, by course, and by series:

Two-Ingredient Tuesday – Recipes from start to finish that use only two ingredients.
Cucina Povera – Humble dishes inspired by rustic Italy, for when you’re eating on the cheap.
Food Memories – Food from New Zealand and my childhood, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a story.
Fancy French Desserts – Because hundreds of years of ruthless culinary excellence deserves to be showcased.
Dinner Party Menus – Full menus with a theme.
In Season Now – It’s on the farmers market stands, so let’s find as many different ways to cook it as we can, before it’s gone for another year.
Dinner in {…} – Recipes highlighting a country or region’s local cuisine.
Kitchen Techniques – Answers to burning questions such as how to hone a knife blade, why it’s important to acidulate artichokes, and when was the last time you really thought about how you chop onions?

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