Happy Easter!

4.20.14 - Easter Peeps photo P1020508_zps841f4676.jpg

Each year, I have a brief fling with marshmallow Peeps that stretches from February until Easter Sunday. I buy them by the dozen and eat them, chick after chick, until I can’t stomach any more. They’re one of the few junk foods that I make an exception for. The little faces and beaks just tip me right over the edge.

As of today, the Peeps body count is hovering around eight dozen.

4.20.14 - Easter Peeps SOON

I’m powerless against such sweet and marshmallowey innocence. The purple ones especially, though I couldn’t tell you why.

Even better, their high sugar content lends them to all sorts of foodie shenanigans. Besides the hallowed Easter rite of the microwave Peep joust, they go in Peep s’mores, edible Peep nests, Peep doughnuts to nestle alongside your morning coffee, basically everything is made more adorable with Peeps.

4.20.14 - Easter Peeps photo P1020502_zps4ff2dd58.jpg

My favourite way to eat Peeps is to brûler them—same idea as crème brûlée (brûler being the French verb for “to burn,” of course). The heat caramelises the sugar on the outside and melts the marshmallow inside into tender oblivion.

The Peeps end up looking like zombies, or perhaps leprosy victims, but they sure are delicious.

4.20.14 - Easter Peeps photo P1020515_zps1de18752.jpg
4.20.14 - Easter Peeps photo P1020512_zps9bfe4375.jpg

Happy Easter from Thursday Tea!

4.20.14 - Easter Peeps photo P1020509_zps557ce5ed.jpg

Notes & Variations: I recommend powering through at least two dozen before you consider giving up.

Peep Brûlée

One box of marshmallow chicks

  1. Impale your hapless Peep on a fork or skewer.
  2. Use a kitchen propane torch or a medium flame on a gas stove to brûler your Peep evenly on all sides, so the sugar caramelises. Be careful of burning the head and tail.
  3. Allow to cool for a few seconds, then swallow whole.



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